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Railroad Tycoon 2 Game

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Press [TAB] then one of the following codes AMD103: converts all engines to AMD-103's at expense of profits. Amtrak: Company loses 1 Million Bigfoot: wins with gold victory. BigfootBronze: wins with bronze victory. BigfootGold: wins with gold victory. BigfootSilver: wins with silver victory. BoBo: unsuccessfully completes the current scenario. casey jones: Competitor's trains crash cattle futures: $1 million for player King of the hill: grants one hundred thousand dollars. Let me in: grants access to all denied territories. Nowreck - Trains never crash overtime: Industrial center output doubled Powerball: grants one hundred million dollars. Show me the trains: grants all engines. Slush fund: grants one million dollars. Speed Racer: doubles maximum train speeds. Viagra: increases city sizes.

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