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Alien Vs. Predator Game

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Press ENTER during game play then type and one of the following codes. Press ENTER to activate the cheat. NOTE: There is a space between and the cheat code. God Mode = mpcanthurtme All weapons = mpschuckit Full armor = mpsmithy Full ammo = mpkohler Full ammo (alt) = mpstockpile Unlimited ammo = mpbunker Level select = mpxfiles Level select (default weapons) = mpbeamme Set health to.. = mpdoctordoctor Change into ... = mpmorph Toggle clipping = mpsixthsense Toggle 3rd person = mpicu Toggle speed display = mptachometer Toggle size display = mpsizeme Toggle rotation display = mpgrs Toggle position info = mpgps Edit FOV value = mpfov Edit vertext tint mpvertextint Edit light amplification = mplightadd Edit light scale = mplightscale Edit weapon breach = mpbreach Edit weapon offset 1 = mpwmpos Edit weapon offset 2 = mpwpos Marines have slurred voice = mpmillertime

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